​Welcome to LET FREEDOM RING. ​

A 501 (c) (3) non-profit military documentary organization founded by WWII Army veteran, George Ciampa.

the mission:

A desire to reach high school students, in particular, stressing the importance of FREEDOM and delivering the factual message that so many young American lives have been sacrificed to ensure our safety and lifestyle that we all enjoy.

​​​​​This has been done by taking young high school history teachers on Teachers' Educational Tours, together with veterans of World War II, to countries where the veterans served.  These countries lost and regained their freedom. The teachers listened to stories from citizens who were deprived of their freedom and also heard stories from the veterans themselves about their experiences where they served and fought to liberate them from the enemy.

These veterans and of course the citizens, who are in the same age group, are not going to be here much longer and their stories will go with them. A lesson plan devised by a young high school history teacher, Lori Spradlin, and filmed documentaries, in DVD format, will be invaluable tools in classrooms.

We need your help! 

Upcoming documentary for the

75th Anniversary of D-Day:

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This upcoming documentary will be the sixth in a series of World War II films, produced by WWII Army veteran, George Ciampa, President and Founder of LET FREEDOM RING.

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Hello, my name is George Ciampa and I need your help.

I'm a World War II Army veteran of five campaigns in France, Belgium and Germany including the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, France and the Battle of the Bulge---the largest land battle the U.S. Army has ever fought. At eighteen years of age, I saw first hand the high Price of Freedom from D-Day, and for eleven months, until the end of the war in Europe, May 8, 1945. 

In 2006, at age eighty-one, I decided to form LET FREEDOM RING, 501 (c) 3 100% non-profit organization (EIN 32-0175290), and produced my first of five documentaries about the High Price of Freedom.  It's called "The Lesson Is Priceless"  Four young high school history teachers accompanied me and my crew to go to Belgium to learn about the "Lesson" from civilians who lived there and had lost their Freedom during four years of Nazi occupation.  

Two years later I produced another documentary called, "Memories Of France." It was produced in France. This was with other young teachers.  That one was followed by three more documentaries.  See excerpts or trailers of all five films click here.    

My mission is to teach young history teachers and students, in particular, about the High Price Of Freedom. I also have spoken to thousands of students locally and in other states, France and Belgium. I know the High Price Of Freedom because my job during the war was to gather the dead soldiers from battlefields and facilitate their burial in seventeen temporary cemeteries that we initiated in France, Belgium and Germany over an eleven month period until the end of the war in Europe.  We handled approximately 75,000 American and German dead soldiers in very warm and freezing cold weather often working with Combat Medics.  Not a pleasant job! 

Now, and through the years with my films, I hope to educate thousands of the young and old, which I feel is very important. 

I need your help to raise the capital needed to do my sixth documentary, "The 75th Anniversary of The D-Day Invasion of Normandy, France."  I will take, with us, seven other D-Day veterans who served on D-Day in Normandy along with their guardians.  Some vets are in need of care in wheelchairs. They will be interviewed on the Normandy beaches where they served on that very MEMORABLE day.  "What was that day like?"  They will recall their memories that will be documented.  Probably none will ever return because of age.

We need $100,000 which is a "bare-bones" budget to do the film.  That is not the total cost to do the production.  The funds received will pay expenses for lodging, meals, ground transportation (bus) and cinematography (filming) and editing.  Air transportation will be provided by American Airlines who will be the Presenting Sponsor. 

We appreciate your participation in this historical and educational endeavor and welcome any and all potential sponsors or donors. 

Thank you for your any help you may provide!


George Ciampa